Great Lakes

Great Lakes

August 17, 2007
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Official NOAA weather warnings, observations, and forecasts.

Explanation of the MAFOR code

* [Lake Superior]( (U.S. portion) (LSZ260) 
* [Lake Superior]( MAFOR (LSZ261) 
* [Lake Michigan]( open water (LMZ760) 
* [Lake Michigan]( MAFOR (LMZ761) 
* [Lake Huron]( (U.S. portion) (LHZ460) 
* [Lake Huron]( MAFOR (LHZ461) 
* [Lake St. Clair]( (U.S. portion) (LCZ460) 
* [Lake Erie]( (U.S. portion) (LEZ160) 
* [Lake Erie]( MAFOR (LEZ161) 
* [Lake Ontario]( (U.S. portion) (LOZ060) 
* [Lake Ontario]( MAFOR (LOZ061)   

[ NWS marine ZONE forecast areas – within 5 nautical miles of shore ]

  * **Minnesota Shore Line**
    * [Grand Portage to Grand Marais, MN]( (LSZ140) 
    * [Grand Marais to Taconite Harbor, MN]( (LSZ141) 
    * [Taconite Harbor to Silver Bay Harbor, MN]( (LSZ142) 
    * [Silver Bay Harbor to Two Harbors, MN]( (LSZ143) 
    * [Two Harbors to Duluth, MN]( (LSZ144) 
  * **Wisconsin Shore Line**
    * [Duluth, MN to Port Wing, WI]( (LSZ145) 
    * [Port Wing to Sand Island, WI]( (LSZ146) 
    * [Sand Island to Bayfield, WI]( (LSZ147) 
    * [Chequamegon Bay-Bayfield to Oak Point, WI]( (LSZ121) 
    * [Oak Point to Saxon Harbor, WI]( (LSZ148) 
  * **Michigan Shore Line**
    * [Saxon Harbor, WI to Ontonagon, MI]( (LSZ241) 
    * [Ontonagon to Upper Entrance of Portage Canal, MI]( (LSZ242) 
    * [Upper Entrance of Portage Canal to Manitou Island, MI]( (LSZ243) 
    * [Manitou Island to Lower Entrance Light to Portage Lake, MI]( (LSZ244) 
    * [Keweenaw Bay and Huron Bay]( from Lower Entrance Light to Portage Lake to Huron Island, MI (LSZ221) 
    * [Huron Islands to Marquette, MI]( (LSZ245) 
    * [Marquette to Grand Marais, MI]( (LSZ246) 
    * [Grand Marais to Whitefish Point, MI]( (LSZ247) 
    * [Whitefish Bay]( (U.S. portion), Whitefish Point to Point Iroquois, MI (LSZ321) 
    * [St. Marys River, Point Iroquois]( to Eastern Potagannissing Bay (LSZ232) 

  * **Michigan Shore Line**
    * [Bay of Green Bay, MI]( (north of line from Cedar River, MI to Rock Island Passage) (LMZ221) 
    * [Seul Choix Pt. to Point Detour, MI]( (LMZ248) 
    * [Mackinac Bridge to Seul Choix Point, MI]( (LMZ341) 
    * [Mackinac Bridge to Norwood, MI]( (LMZ342) 
    * [Grand Traverse Light to Sleeping Bear Point, MI]( (LMZ344) 
    * [Sleeping Bear Point to Manistee, MI]( (LMZ345) 
    * [Muskegon to Manistee, MI]( (LMZ849) 
    * [South Haven to Muskegon, MI]( (LMZ848) 
    * [New Buffalo, MI to South Haven, MI]( (LMZ847) 
    * [Michigan City, IN to New Buffalo, MI]( (LMZ746) 
    * [Grand Traverse Bay]( Norwood to Grand Traverse Light, MI (LMZ323) 
  * **Wisconsin Shore Line**
    * [Rock Island Passage Sturgeon Bay, WI]( (LMZ541) 
    * [Sturgeon Bay, WI to Two Rivers, WI]( (LMZ542) 
    * [Two Rivers to Sheboygan, WI]( (LMZ543) 
    * [Sheboygan to Port Washington, WI]( (LMZ643) 
    * [Port Washington to North Point Light, WI]( (LMZ644) 
    * [North Point Light to Wind Point, WI]( (LMZ645) 
    * [Bay of Green Bay, WI]( (south of line from Cedar River to Rock Island Passage & north of a line from Marinette, WI to Fish Creek, WI) (LMZ521) 
    * [Bay of Green Bay, WI]( (south of a line from Marinette, WI to Fish Creek, WI) (LMZ522) 
    * [Wind Point Light to Winthrop Harbor, IL]( (LMZ646) 
  * **Illinois Shore Line**
    * [Winthrop Harbor to Wilmette Harbor, IL]( (LMZ740) 
    * [Wilmette Harbor to Meigs Field, IL]( (LMZ741) 
    * [Meigs Field to Calumet Harbor, IL]( (LMZ742) 
  * **Indiana Shore Line**
    * [Calumet Harbor to Gary Harbor, IN]( (LMZ743) 
    * [Gary to Burns Harbor, IN]( (LMZ744) 
    * [Burns Harbor to Michigan City, IN]( (LMZ745) 

  * **Michigan Shore Line**
    * [Mackinac Bridge to False Detour Channel, MI]( (LHZ346) 
    * [Mackinac Bridge to Presque Island Light, MI]( (LHZ347) 
    * [Presque Isle Light to Alabaster, MI]( (LHZ348) 
    * [Port Austin to White Rock, MI]( (LHZ441) 
    * [White Rock to Lakeport, MI]( (LHZ442) 
    * [Lakeport to Port Huron, MI]( (LHZ443) 
    * [Saginaw Bay, Alabaster to Point Huron, MI]( (LHZ421) 
    * [St. Claire River, Port Huron to Upper Entrance Lake St. Clair]( (LCZ422) 
    * [Lake St. Clair, MI]( (U.S. Portion) (LCZ460) 

  * **Michigan Shore Line**
    * [Detroit River, Lower Entrance to Lake St. Clair to Detroit River Light]( (LCZ423) 
    * [Detroit River to North Cape, MI]( (LEZ444) 
  * **Ohio Shore Line**
    * [Maumee Bay to Reno Beach, OH]( (LEZ142) 
    * [Reno Beach to The Islands, OH]( (LEZ143) 
    * [The Islands to Vermilion, OH]( (LEZ144) 
    * [Vermilion to Avon Point, OH]( (LEZ145) 
    * [Avon Point to Willowick, OH]( (LEZ146) 
    * [Willowick to Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH]( (LEZ147) 
    * [Geneva-on-the-Lake to Conneaut, OH]( (LEZ148) 
  * **Pennsylvania Shore Line**
    * [Conneaut, OH to Ripley, NY]( (LEZ149) 
  * **New York Shore Line**
    * [Ripley to Dunkirk, NY]( (LEZ040) 
    * [Dunkirk to Bullalo, NY]( (LEZ041) 
    * [Buffalo Harbor and the Upper Niagara River, NY]( (LEZ020) 

  * **New York Shore Line**
    * [Niagara River to Thirty-Mile Point, NY]( (LOZ042) 
    * [Thirty-Mile Point to Sodus Bay, NY]( (LOZ043) 
    * [Sodus Bay to Mexico Bay, NY]( (LOZ044) 
    * [Mexico Bay, NY to the St. Lawrence River]( (LOZ045) 
    * [St. Lawrence River above Ogdensburg, NY]( (SLZ022) 
    * [St. Lawrence River from Ogdensburg to St. Regis, NY]( (SLZ024)

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