Gray Trout


Chumming Tactics

One of the most effective methods for taking weakfish is chumming from an anchored boat. The best chum is grass shrimp - live, whole ones are best if available, but chopped shrimp mixed with the whole ones will work, too. Sometimes shrimp are difficult to obtain, but the supply can be stretched by adding ground menhaden or even oatmeal or boiled rice.

The secret to success is anchoring your boat in a moderate current, neither too swift or too slow. The chum line must be maintained, so throw out chum at regular intervals, depending on the current speed. Make certain your chum line will not be interrupted by boat traffic, as weaks are easily spooked.

Baits are fished subsurface, back in the current. Use just enough weight to keep the bait under the surface in a running tide. A small, in-line float will make a good strike indicator, and leave the reels in free-spool.