Grady-White 236 Fisherman: 2017 Boat Buyers Guide

From a family perspective, boating should be easy and comfortable, and the 236 makes it just so.

Grady-White 236 Fisherman
LOA: 23′ 7″ | Beam: 8’6″ | Fuel Capacity: 115 gal. | Dry Weight: 3,900 lb. plus power | Max HP: 300 | Certifications: NMMA Courtesy of Grady-White

When your boats are the most often reviewed in a survey like ours, you know you’ve launched a popular fleet.

And when those surveyed place your brand among the top handful of aggregate scorers, they’re saying you’ve built some great boats.

Grady-White has done both — again and for more than 50 years.


People who know Grady-White boats love the brand’s cachet, the service the company gives its customers, and the resale ­values its boats draw. Grady boaters are confident on the water, as seen in the top marks they award the company for ­construction and safety.

That all translates to value, and Grady-White was among the top handful in that survey category.

Born on North Carolina’s ­demanding waters and inlets (and still built in Greenville, North Carolina), Grady-White boats ride on the company’s SeaV2 hull, which it describes as a “continuously variable V” that sharpens steadily from transom to the stem. The deeper V at the bow produces a softer ride, the gentler one at transom, along with wide chines, providing stability at rest and when trolling.


It’s no wonder that more than five decades into boatbuilding, Grady-White has a respected presence at virtually every ­fishing ground and port.

Lots of ’em, and much loved.

Grady-White 236

It’s no surprise, really, when a Grady-White boat emerges as a great saltwater-fishing boat. Sweeter, though, when it’s clearly family friendly too. What angler doesn’t ­relish an eager, comfortable, happy crew?


From a family perspective, boating should be easy and comfortable, and the 236 makes it just so. Swim and boarding platforms on port and starboard make entering and exiting the boat — at dock, sandbar or snorkeling area — a breeze.

The enclosed head area is oversized with plenty of headroom. Bow seating — especially with optional forward-facing foldaway backrests — is a family focal point, not an angling afterthought.

Grady-White 236 Fisherman console
A full windshield ­protects the helm, and the seat cushion is removable for fishing. Courtesy of Grady-White

Which doesn’t mean this is anything but a great fishing boat. It’s got the features fishers know to expect on a Grady: huge, eminently fishable cockpit; rod and tackle storage; 89-quart fish boxes forward port and starboard, and a 160-quart insulated box aft, where there’s also deck-level storage on the integrated platform.


The optional deluxe leaning bar has, in addition to a backrest, a set of rod holders, and beneath it all a 25-gallon livewell.

The safe 25-inch-deep ­cockpit reassures the family; the bay-friendly 18.5-inch draft has the same effect on the captain. And it moves sweetly over the water on the 20-degree-deadrise, SeaV2 progression hull.

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