Williamson Live Ballyhoo Hybrid

A review of the Williamson Live Ballyhoo Hybrid soft-plastic


All offshore anglers know that ballyhoo make up a healthy portion of the diet of most pelagic fish. Williamson Lures has created the Live Ballyhoo Hybrid - a soft-plastic ballyhoo imitation designed to catch the attention of your favorite game fish. It combines a conventional pusher-style head to generate a heavy smoke trail and a durable paddle-tail body that imparts a lifelike swimming action to the lure body. Embedded in the plastic is holographic foil to add yet one more fish-attracting characteristic. The hybrid is available in blue, black and chartreuse and comes pre-rigged with a VMC Perma Steel hook and a Sufix monofilament leader. $19.99; for more information, visit www.williamsonlures.com.