Tanked on Tuna


Offshore live-bait trollers will be interested in Kodiak Marine's new Tuna Tube Tanks, free-standing units designed to keep large baits alive and close at hand. The model PF-32TT-6 ($595) incorporates 6 tubes with 5 1/4" diameters that will accommodate small tuna, blue runners, bonito and Spanish mackerel. The model PF-55TT-5 ($1,295) has 4 tubes with 8" diameters that will handle fish up to 20 pounds (special reducer inserts are available for smaller baits), plus a small center tube for holding a smaller pitch bait. Both tanks are fully plumbed and come with either L-brackets or a quick-disconnect mounting pad. Kodiak Marine Products, Simi Valley, CA; (805) 583-0373.