Standard Horizon Quantum GX2360S VHF


Standard Horizon's Quantum GX2360S VHF offers a boatload of features in an easy-to-use package. The Quantum is a 25W VHF with oversize knobs for easy adjustment and a huge LCD with 4 lines of alphanumeric characters. The GX2360S has a built-in 30W loud hailer and a front-projecting 3.8" waterproof speaker producing 4W audio output. The VHF can interface with a Standard Horizon GPS Chart Plotter, giving a position with its DSC distress call feature and polling other vessels for their positions. Working with up to 2 optional enhanced RAM+ microphones, the Quantum also provides intercom and multi-station functionality. The starting price for the Quantum GX2360S VHF is $399.99. Standard Horizon, Cypress, CA; (714) 827-7600;

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