Spiderwire Stealth Super-Braid Line

Spiderwire Stealth is a new super-braid line that delivers super-smooth casts and trouble-free performance thanks to its ultra-thin, tight weave and Teflon-treated micro fibers. Unlike wax-coated braids of the past, the new Teflon treatment process covers the entire fiber and won't wear off. According to the manufacturer, Stealth line will not bury itself under pressure or damage rod guides and line rollers over time. It also delivers excellent sensitivity and allows for instant hook-sets thanks to its nominal stretch. Spiderwire Stealth is available in 150 yrd. and 300 yrd. spools, in Tracer Yellow and Moss Green. A 150 yrd. spool of 10 lb. test retails for $15.45. Pure Fishing, Spirit Lake, IA; (877) 777-3850; www.spiderwire.com.