Simrad RA80 and RA90 Series Radars


Simrad's RA80 and RA90 Series Radars give professional-grade performance in tight quarters. The powerful, "black-box" processor unit can be stored virtually anywhere aboard and connected remotely to the operator unit. Both radars have dual Variable Range Markers (VRM) and Electronic Bearing Lines (EBL), as well as floating off-center, nav-lines and guard-zone features. Each series is available with antenna output powers of 6 kW, 12 kW and 25 kW for maximum operating ranges of 64 to 96 nautical miles. The RA80 is designed to interface with Simrad's 17-inch CF Series Professional monitor, while the RA90 uses the 19-inch version. Each monitor is sold separately. The RA80 and RA90 Series Radars start at $10,295. Simrad, Lynnwood, WA; (425) 778-8821;