SeaVision Underwater Lights

SeaVision is now offering the SV44, SV42 and SV43...


Over the last decade, underwater lights have become extremely popular on larger fishing boats, and lately that same enthusiasm has spread to the small-boat category. SeaVision is now offering the SV44, SV42 and SV43, all of which have been designed specifically for smaller fishing  boat installation. The SV44 has a six-LED array in an oval, thermally conductive plastic housing incorporating a convex lens, which creates greater light dispersion and magnification. A surface-mounting option, the SV42 has a circular six-LED array in a bronze body and comes in a through-hull version as well. Also with the option of being surface mounted or through-hull installed, the SV43 has a three-LED array in a bronze body priced right for the most diminutive sport fisher. Prices start at $293. For more information visit