Sabiki Storage


Bait-quill rigs, also known as "Sabiki" rigs, can be a real nuisance to handle and store due to the multitude of sharp, dangling tiny hooks. Worse, just try untangling the mess when it's time to fish! But now there's a solution. It's called the Bait-Pro rod, and it makes fishing and storing quill rigs a snap. To use, simply rig the rod with a baitcasting or spincast reel, thread the mono through the rod's hollow blank, and tie on a Sabiki. When you're finished catching bait, simply reel the quills inside the blank, rinse with fresh water, and store the rod for later use. The Bait-Pro rod is easy to cast, and sells for $129. Bait-Pro, Jupiter, FL; (561) 625-9111.