Release Marine Contour Series fighting chairs

The Contour Series is sharp in both aesthetics and functionality.

Fighting Chair Challenge - Miami Boat Show

Act Like Capt. Quint - Fight Chair Challenge

Watch as opponents take each other on for bragging rights and prizes. Exciting contests pits players in a fierce tug-of-war that brings the thrills of offshore fishing onshore! Here's how it works: the first person to move the teaser lure from the center line to their side, within two minutes wins! Stay tuned for the celebrity challenge schedule. The following have donated prizes for the challenge winners: • Pelagic • Carey Chen • Pro Soft Lures • Hilton's Real Time Navigator • Anisa Stewart Jewelry • Marina Casa de Campo • Gaff Magazine • Island Glass • Tormenter Lures To see days and times for the challenge, click here.

After years of research and on-the-water testing, Release Marine is unveiling their revolutionary Contour Series fighting chairs. Designed to be the center of attention in the cockpit in beauty, durability and performance, each chair is assembled from hand-selected, cross-laminated teak, with certified plate and bar-stock stainless-steel and billet aluminum components. Other features include Release's patented quick-change footrest bracket and ergonomic footrest with no-screw struts, which lessen lower-leg tension and enhance fighting endurance. The Quick-Change Gimbal Cup can be easily raised or lowered, so there's no fumbling with loose pins. The Contour Series is sharp in both aesthetics and functionality. For more information visit Call for pricing.