Reel Protection



To give your reels a longer life and keep them working their best, try Mil-Comm's Reel Saver system. Reel Saver Cleaner from Mil-Comm Products is a non-toxic pre-treatment spray for reels that removes organic materials from the surface of metal and graphite. Once the reel as been cleaned, Mil-Comm recommends an application of Reel Saver, which is designed to promote longer casts and smoother action while prohibiting rust and corrosion. The special non-toxic, non-flammable formula can be applied to individual parts in grease or oil form. Reel Saver then coats and lubricates metal parts, creating a barrier against salt, dirt and sand. A spray bottle of Reel Saver Cleaner retails for $5.95, while a syringe of Reel Saver oil or grease sells for $7.95. Mil-Comm Products, E. Rutherford, NJ; (877) REELSVR;