Penn Prion Rods


Penn has recenty introduced a new line of spinning rods designed to match its Prion reel series. The Prion rods are built on lightweight, sensitive graphite blanks that are covered in a sleek, chrome finish. This finish reflects ambient light, giving the rod a "chameleon-like" quality, according to the manufacturer. The rods are fitted with scratch-resistant, titanium-nitride-coated guides, select cork grips and graphite reel seats. Salt water models include the 7' PR702ML (rated for 8-15 lb. test), the 7' PR702M (10-17 lb. test), the 7 1/2' PR762M (8-15 lb. test) and the 7 1/2' PR762L (4-15 lb. test). Suggested retail prices run $89-$90. Prion rods are also available in 3-piece travel models. Penn, Philadelphia, PA; (215) 229-9415;