OrProducts Boat-Care Line


New from H&M; Marine is a line of OrProducts designed to keep your boat looking - and smelling - its best. OrBilge is a biodegradable, highly concentrated, heavy-duty bilge cleaner that breaks down grime while removing musty mildew odors. It dissolves easily in fresh or salt water and will not harm bilge pumps or float switches. OrPine Wash & Wax is a biodegradable, non-yellowing boat soap with wax additive that both cleans and waxes your boat. One ounce of Wash & Wax will treat 3 gallons of water and the formula can be used on all fiberglass, metal, wood, and plastic surfaces. Lastly, OrPine Boat Soap is a concentrated, environmentally friendly soap for removing salt and dirt from boats, tackle, trailers and tow vehicles. It will not strip wax from boat hulls and can be used on fiberglass, metal, wood and plastic. H&M; Marine Products, Surfside Beach, SC; (843) 238-1585; www.hmmarine.com.