New SWS Book on Inshore Fishing


Inshore Salt Water Fishing, the latest in the SWS how-to series, will appeal to anglers of every skill level. Jam-packed with brand-new, up-to-the-minute material, it covers virtually every U.S. inshore game fish, from striped bass to redfish to yellowtail to coho salmon - 38 species in all! Each chapter starts with the fish's biology, range and habits, then moves to an extensive description of the most productive areas. The third section zeros in on how to catch the species, with details on tackle, baits, techniques, special tricks and tips. Great color photos and clear illustrations of rigs and tackle accompany the text. Best of all, the contributors include some of the top pros in the business, including SWS staffers John Brownlee and Tom Richardson, Regional Editors Al Ristori, Angelo Cuanang, Dave Vedder and Tom Waters, plus Bob McNally and Abe Cuanang. If you were to have only one book that covers inshore fishing from A to Z, this would be it. 144 pages, hard-bound, and available for $21.95 via or by calling toll-free (800) 962-6651.