Standard Horizon Spectrum VHF

Standard Horizon's newSpectrum VHF is a 25-watt VHF/FM marine radio that also includesfeatures such as a 20-watt loudhailer with foghorn, bell and whistlesignals, and Clear Voice noise-canceling technology. The radiois submersible due to the use of waterproof gaskets in the microphone,and exclusive O-ring protection around the case. You can interfacethe VHF with a GPS to display lat/lon, speed-over-ground, andcourse-over-ground. Also, several different scanning modes letyou customize scanning to suit your personal needs. The Spectrumis compatible with Digital Selective Calling, and has a DSC buttonthat sends an automated distress signal that includes your positionwhen interfaced with a GPS. Standard Horizon, Cerritos,CA; (800) 366-8431.