Simrad RA40 Color Radars


The RA40 series of color radars from Simrad features the company's innovative dual-range display that allows you to look at two different ranges simultaneously. The 10" color TFT LCD screen is a high-resolution monitor arranged in landscape (horizontal) style so that the two ranges can be displayed side by side.

Different ranges are available, from 24 nm on the RA40 to 48 nm on the powerful RA42. Both units feature Automatic Tracking Aid (ATA), which tracks up to 10 targets designated by the user. Once locked on, the radar automatically provides a menu of target data, including speed, bearing, course and closest point of approach. There's also a semi-3D function that provides easy recognition of shorelines, targets and obstructions, and collision alarm system. Simrad, Lynnwood, WA; (800) 426-5565;