SI-TEX Genesis System


The beginning of a whole new concept in nav stations is here, one that's simpler and less cluttered, and that uses a central monitor to integrate all of your important navigation and information sensors into a single, streamlined system. It's called the Genesis System, and it's a state-of-the-art C-MAP charting system using a large 10.4" active matrix color LCD display. But more than that, Genesis is an interactive information center designed to function as the heart of your entire nav system for fish and depth finding, GPS/DGPS, electronic compass data, weather fax data, and radar images.

The Genesis System goes well beyond navigation, too. With optional video cameras, you can use Genesis to monitor important areas of your vessel such as the engine room, children's quarters or deck areas. It can also be used to provide "real time" views to aid when docking, helping to eliminate blind spots from the bow and stern. Connected to the optional TV module or a VCR, Genesis can even display your favorite movies and programming. SI-TEX, St. Petersburg, FL; (727) 576-5734