Shakespeare SeaWatch 2025 <br> Marine Television Antenna


Shakespeare's SeaWatch 2025 omnidirectional marine television antenna has innovative features, including adjustable gain, which help provide the best picture available, regardless of conditions. The antenna system includes a weatherproof, 14" diameter antenna head and a control box. The antenna mounts to any 1" diameter pipe or extension mast, while the control box can be flush- or surface-mounted near the television. The SeaWatch system has two circuits - one each in the antenna and control box - that can increase the gain up to +20dB or attenuate it to 0dB, allowing the user to avoid picture destabilization due to inappropriate amplification. The control box has two inputs to allow simplified switching between the antenna and an auxiliary source, such as dockside cable television. The system comes with a coaxial cable, connectors and an AC adapter and sells for $275.95. Shakespeare, Newberry, SC; (803) 276-5504;