Raymarine's L1250

Raymarine's L1250 fishfinder delivers optimal performance in both shallow- and deep-water conditions, according to the manufacturer. The L1250 uses Raymarine's daylight-viewable 10.4" TFT color screen with cold-cathode fluorescent backlighting and aerospace technology to provide unsurpassed visibility in light conditions ranging from total darkness to bright sunlight, a feature we found particularly impressive during a recent field trial off Kennebunkport, Maine. The unit features the company's high-speed bus (HSB) technology, which means it can link to-and offer fishfinder capability through-other Raymarine HSB products, including a second display station (such as the one installed in the cockpit of our test boat) and the company's Pathfinder radar. Featuring 1,000- or 600-watt transmit power, the fishfinder can provide full- or split-screen display of either 200 or 50 kHz frequencies, and will identify the beam in which fish are displayed. We also liked the time-based graph that shows changes in surface water temperature. In addition, Raymarine's patented Bottom Coverage feature, with it's A-scope display, guarantees an instant real-time graphic image of any fish directly within the transducer's beam, as well as a digital readout of how much of the bottom area is covered. The L1250 can be flush- or bracket-mounted and is waterproof. Compatible with a range of available transducers (sold separately) the unit lists for $4,495. The L1250RC is the same unit but includes a full Raychart C-MAP NT Chartplotter, and lists for $5,479. Raymarine, Nashua, NH; (603) 881-5200; www.raymarine.com.