Raymarine RayTech v4 Fishing Pro


Raymarine's RayTech v4 Fishing Pro turns a personal computer into a chart plotter and includes a subscription service that provides information for serious anglers. Operating on a PC with an Intel Pentium III (or better) processor and 64 MB or more of RAM, RayTech v4 Fishing Pro lets the user blend chart layers with photo charts, weather or satellite data, and also provides continuous, seamless zooming, allowing a smooth view of all charts. The software interfaces with other units through hsb2, Pathfinder or SeaTalk, and integrates the PC with other marine electronics, putting all the important information on one screen. The package comes with CD-ROMs of charts from Maptech, C-MAP and Softchart, and includes U.S. coastal tides and currents. The Fishing Pro subscription service sends a daily e-mail of satellite data, including sea-surface temperatures and plankton concentrations for U.S. coastal waters. RayTech v4 Fishing Pro includes the navigation software and a year of the e-mail subscription service and sells for $799. Raymarine, Nashua, NH; (800) 539-5539; www.raymarine.com.