Northstar 952XD GPS/Chart Plotter


Northstar recently introduced its new 952XD Color GPS/Charting system, which adds color to the company's award-winning GPS/plotter technology.The high-resolution, full-color LCD screen provides a wide viewingangle so you can always read the charts, even in direct sunlight.Point-and-shoot chart plotting provides instant data for any position,and you can zoom or scroll much faster than with many other models.Waypoints can be displayed alphabetically, numerically, or inorder of proximity, and the display can also show 30 of your closestwaypoints on a 3D steering screen. There's a 24-hour graphic ofhigh and low tides with time and date, and you can display coordinatesin lat/lon or TDs. The 952XD has a 12-parallel-channel GPS receiver,and a dual-channel DGPS receiver for ultimate accuracy. Furthermore,the control head is totally waterproof, so you can mount it justabout anywhere. Northstar Technologies, Acton, MA; (800) 628-4487;