Maptech i3 Integrated Navigation/ Radar System


The Maptech i3 integrates navigation, communications and radar in one touch-screen enhanced unit. The 12.1" sunlight-viewable touch screen allows the user to simply tap the screen to activate waypoints or on-screen soft-key functions. Mounted in a waterproof aluminum case, the active-matrix TFT screen offers a 120-degree viewing angle, has 24-bit colors and is dimmable. The unit uses a 60-gigabyte hard drive and a Microsoft Windows XP operating system to integrate a chart plotter, WAAS GPS and optional radar, communications and weather functions. For easy-to-read radar, users can overlay radar images on Maptech charts or aerial photos. The i3 can send e-mail, faxes and voice transmissions through a satellite communicator, while a subscription service with The Weather Channel Marine allows for sea-surface temperature chart and weather-map overlays. Prices for the i3 start at $12,500. Maptech, Amesbury, MA; (888) 839-5551;

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