Lowrance X91Fishfinder


The Lowrance X91 Fishfinder features a powerful sonar unit that delivers 3,000 watts peak-to-peak and 375 watts RMS in an easy-to-mount, compact case. The X91 penetrates the depths to 1,000', but also provides detailed shallow-water images. The included 200 kHz Skimmer transducer operates at speeds up to 70 mph and has a 60 ¿ fish-detection area and a built-in water surface temperature sensor. The 3.3" square display has 240 by 240 pixels resolution for improved target separation and detail, while cold-cathode backlighting on both the display and the keypad simplifies low-light operation. The X91 has Lowrance's Grayline feature, which defines fish on the bottom as well as bottom composition, and FishTrack, which assigns a depth to each target. The unit also has multi-range, split-screen zoom, continuous digital depth and depth-scale readouts and easy zoom-in/zoom-out control. The X91 Fishfinder has a suggested retail price of $469. Lowrance, Tulsa, OK; (800) 324-1356; www.lowrance.com.

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