Lowrance LC X-16 CI Sonar/GPS


The big-screen Lowrance LC X-16 CI Sonar GPS presentsvividly colored detail for mapping and sonar functions - or forboth simultaneously. Harkening back to the legendary X-16 papergraph recorder, this new version offers the best target separationsince paper recorders were the standard. From beneath its snap-onsun shield, the 6.38" color display takes the new unit'sfunctionality a step further, allowing users to "paint"important underwater targets with the color scheme of their choice.The 12-parallel-channel GPS receiver and antenna work with theunit's GPS mapping functions and an included MapCreate CD-ROMto build and save customized maps. The LC X-16 CI zooms in orout with the touch of a button, depending on the desired view,with 34 ranges from 0.1 to 4,000 miles. With many of the same sonar features on a 5.66"screen, the LC X-15 CT offers readability in direct sunlight -as well as an option package to add the GPS functionality. Bothunits come with a one-year warranty. The LC X-16 CI has a suggestedretail price of $2,199, while the suggested retail price of theLC X-15 CT starts at $1,199. Lowrance Electronics, Tulsa, OK;(918) 437-6881; www.lowrance.com.