KVH TracVision G4 Marine TV

TracVision G4 is the firstsingle-antenna marine satellite television system designed toreceive signals from a range of Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB)satellites and transponders and then accurately identify, acquire,and maintain tracking of the one selected by a mobile user. TheTracVision G4 features a built-in DVB-compatible tuner and aneasy-to-use interface that makes older marine satellite systemsobsolete. Boats can now track service, including the DISH networkand Expressvu, and receive high-quality digital TV, data, andmusic at sea or at the dock. The TracVision G4 includes the award-winningKVH GyroTrac sensor, which provides earth-referenced heading datafor faster satellite acquisition and reacquisition. Its patentedthree-axis gyro sensor delivers a stabilized heading output thatcan be interfaced with all onboard electronics. KVH Industries,Middle town, RI; (401) 847-3327; www.kvh.com.