JRC Radar 1800 C/P


JRC's Radar 1800 chart plotter offers both radar and chart-plotter functionality in a single, compact unit. The 1800's sunlight-viewable 6.5" LCD/TFT display provides either full or horizontal split-screen views of all unit functions. Equipped with an 18" radome, the radar has 2 kW transmit power that matches the performance of some 4 kW radars through its low-noise amplifier receiving circuit. The radar offers range scales from 1/8 to 24 miles and a choice of head-up, north-up or course-up displays. The 1800 also has an easily visible target trail mode, a feature usually found on larger units. The chart plotter has two C-MAP slots and supports C-MAPNT Micro charts and C-MAP's Tide Graph and Port Service functions simultaneously. Matched with a separate GPS/DGPS sensor, the plotter supports 1,000 waypoints for navigation, 40 routes and 10,000 tracks to mark fish, shoals and navigation hazards. The front panel of the 1800 has a port to interface with a personal computer. The JRC Radar 1800 Chart Plotter has a suggested retail price of $3,295. JRC North America, Seattle, WA; (206) 654-5644; www.jrcamerica.com.

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