Interphase Chart Master GPS/Plotters


Utilizing seamless C-MAP NT cartography, the new Chart Master LCD GPS/chart plotters arepowerful navigation tools available in either color or monochromeversions. The 7MI is a monochrome unit that comes with a built-inGPS antenna and a quick-disconnect feature that makes it extremelyeasy to remove. The 7M features a monochrome LCD screen, and canbe optionally equipped with a GPS or DGPS sensor. The Chart Master7C is a color LCD machine that can also be equipped with GPS orDGPS sensors. All Chart Masters are waterproof, and feature onscreenmenus and a unique context-sensitive interface system for easyoperation. By simply placing the cursor on any waypoint or object,the display immediately guides you through a possible course ofaction. The display can be configured North-Up or Course-Up; theposition can be displayed in lat/lon or TDs; and the memory canhold up to 600 waypoints. Interphase Technologies, Soquel,CA; (831) 477-4944;