Guest 2433-P Galvanic Isolator


The Guest 2433-P Galvanic Isolator is engineered to protect boats connected to shore power from the galvanic corrosion that occurs from the resulting DC current. The 2433-P allows the necessary AC ground current to pass to the boat, but eliminates DC current from the water between boats. This DC current turns metal boat fittings below the waterline into de facto battery poles, speeding corrosion of fittings and posing a safety hazard for swimmers in the area. The ignition-protected isolator is equipped with a full-time, self-monitoring LED display and has a continuous output of 30 amps. According to Guest, their entire line of isolators meets or exceeds the standards set by the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC). The 2433-P is rated for 115/220 V-AC and has an MSRP of $280. Guest, Meriden, CT; (203) 235-4421; fax (203) 235-0039;