Garmin Fishfinder 320C


As Garmin's first stand-alone color sounder, the Fishfinder 320C ($853.22) is easy to use and offers many features geared to anglers. The 320C has a 5", 16-color TFT display that is viewable in direct sunlight with configurable background settings for easy viewing day or night. The unit is simple to operate, with information for depth, zoom, range and frequency all just one touch away, and uses Garmin's See-Thru technology to separate fish returns from thermoclines and underwater structure. Available with either single- or dual-frequency transducers, the unit offers up to 500W RMS power, with up to 4,000W peak-to-peak. The 320C offers bottom lock and can record temperature data. Garmin, Olathe, KS; (913) 397-8200;

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