Furuno GP36 DGPS Navigator

The GP36 DGPS Navigatorfeatures a 12-parallel-channel receiver combined with a built-inDGPS beacon receiver and a combination GPS/DGPS antenna, all ina compact case. The waterproof display can be mounted almost anywhere,and the GPS has a memory capacity for 1,000 track points, 950waypoints (in lat/lon or TDs), and 50 routes containing up to30 waypoints each. The machine's bright, 4.5" diagonal LCDscreen is easily viewable and has adjustable brilliance. Displaymodes can be presented in graphic and alphanumeric form, and include TrackPlotter, Highway Display, Steering Display, and Nav Data. Twonew programmable modes let you customize displays of the informationmost important to you, and you can even monitor the boat's batteryvoltage. Safety features include a Man Overboard key, as wellas Arrival, Anchor Watch, Cross Track Error, and Hi/Lo Speed alarms.Furuno U.S.A., Camas, WA; (360) 834-9300; www.furuno.com.