Furuno CH-250 Searchlight Sonar


Furuno's CH-250 Searchlight Sonar offers eight operational modes including sector, full-circle scan, vertical-fan scan, a combination of full-circle and vertical, historical or video plotter. An adjustable soundome allows the CH-250 to act like a vertical sounder, displaying fish schools and bottom conditions. When interfaced with the appropriate sensors, the unit will also display the vessel's position, heading, track line and water currents on its high-performance 10.4" color LCD display, which uses eight or 16 colors to show fish and underwater targets. The CH-250 is also available in a "black box" model that interfaces with an existing onboard display. Available in 60, 88 or 1150 kHz frequencies, the CH-250 offers 15 range scales from 40 to 3,500 feet in full-circle mode. The CH-250 sells for $13,495 and the black box model sells for $12,495. Furuno, Camas, WA; (360) 834-9300; www.furuno.com