Clarion XMD1 AM/FM CD Marine Stereo


Even before it was introduced, Clarion's new XMD1 AM/FM CD Marine Stereo with CD Changer Controller had already earned the respect of electronics experts by winning an award at a consumer electronics show. The innovation? Its unique watertight design, good enough to withstand a 65-gallon-per-minute stream of water for five minutes.

The XMD1 is one in a series of four new watertight units in Clarion's XM series. It's the first time a manufacturer has built a marine audio system from the ground up (most manfacturers offer modified car audio units). Clarion consulted boatbuilders and spent three years in research and development of the XMD1. Clarion Marine Audio, Ellisville, MO; (800) 754-9876;