Cetrek 3400 Sonar/GPS


Cetrek's new 3400 is acombination sonar/GPS that is easy to use and simple to understand,yet provides full navigational chart plotting and a powerful fishfinderin one compact unit. The GPS features Cetrek's SatMax antennasystem and is a fully integrated, DGPS-ready, 12-parallel-channelreceiver. The plotter uses C-MAP NT cartridges and supports thenew "Ports and Tides" program, too. A 32 bit MotorolaPower PC microprocessor provides power for the plotter, and thehigh-resolution LCD screen can be split so that navigation andsonar information is displayed simultaneously. The 3400's displayis water proof, and the unit has enough memory for 250 waypoints, 50 temporary waypoints, and 20 routes. The PSTOR key instantly stores position information, andthe GOTO key provides quick and easy navigation information atthe touch of a button. The 3400's fishfinder uses a single 20-degreetransducer and operates at 200 kHz. Techsonic Industries, Eufala,AL; (334) 687-6613.