Airmar P66 Transom-Mount Transducer


The Airmar P66 transom-mounted transducer offers high performance at high speed, giving anglers the best of both worlds. The P66 uses its hydrodynamic shape and rounded, polished acoustic "window" to channel water across the transducer and reduce the interference caused by turbulent water and mechanical vibrations. This gives the user a clean view of bottom contour and composition and fish targets at speed. The P66 is well engineered inside, too, with shielding built in to reduce the effects of electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. The P66 comes with a mounting bracket that allows the transducer to be removed without tools to prevent damage during storage and trailering. Available in depth and depth/speed/temperature configurations, the transducer works with single- and dual-frequency models from Furuno, Garmin, JRC, Raytheon and Simrad. The P66 dual-frequency model with depth, speed and temperature features sells for $100. Airmar Technology Corporation, Milford, NH; (603) 673-9570; fax (603) 673-4624;