Mann's Tidewater Trail Dragger Lure


The Tidewater Tail Dragger from Mann's is a new topwater plug designed to imitate mullet and other inshore baitfish. The distinctive tail of the lure acts as a rudder, making it easy to steer from side to side in a classic "walk-the-dog" action that many game fish find irresistible. The Tidewater Tail Dragger is 4" long, weighs 3/8 oz. and is rigged with a pair of salt water treble hooks. It also features realistic prismatic eyes and internal rattles, and is available in a wide range of colors. Sure to be a hit for seatrout, stripers, bluefish, redfish, jacks, snook and more. Mann's Bait Co., Eufala, AL; (334) 687-5716;