Mal Du Wear


If you suffer from motion sickness and don't likethe drowsiness associated with some forms of anti-nausea medications,you might want to check out ReliefBand. Unlike a pressure band,ReliefBand emits gentle electrical signals to specific nervesin the wrist area, which are said to prevent or reduce the discomfortof seasickness. The model RB-2 ($40-50) provides about 48 hoursof continuous or intermittent hours of protection, or enough for12 four-hour trips. The user can control the level and durationof relief by adjusting the power setting, and the device can beturned on or off as needed. ReliefBand also features a handy indicatorlight that warns of low battery power. The new Adventure model($150) is water-resistant and features a replaceable battery.Woodside Biomedical, Carlsbad, CA; (760) 804-6900;