Low-Profile Compass


Ritchie packs big-compass performance in a small package with its Voyager flush-mount CombiDamp Dial models. These compasses have been redesigned to eliminate the need for a built-in gimbal system, producing a compass that has a lower profile and is easier to install. The compass also takes up less space (less than 1") under the console, and its low overall height makes it ideal for mounting in tight quarters, especially under raked windshields. The Voyager compasses are easy to read and available in traditional black or designer white with matching dials. Other features include built-in compensators, powerful DirectiveForce Magnets for quick lock-on action, an adjustable sun shield and green NiteVu illumination. Suggested retail is $85. Ritchie Navigation, Pembroke, MA; (781) 826-5131; www.ritchienavigation.com