Long Beach Upgrades


Penn's recently upgradedLong Beach 267 and 268 reels are designed to meet a wide varietyof applications, including chunking, trolling, and bottom fishing.The reels now feature one-piece graphite frames and anodized aluminumspools to increase strength while reducing weight, and boast apowerful 2.5:1 gear ratio for cranking power. Both models alsofeature a stainless pinion gear, super-strong bronze-alloy maingear, stainless reel stand, a multi-disc star drag system, a loudclicker, and soft-grip handle. The Long Beach 267 (sug. ret. price:$64) weighs 23.5 ounces and holds 475 yards of 30-pound test,while the 268 ($71) weighs 25.5 ounces and holds 600 yards of30-pound test. Penn Fishing Tackle, Philadelphia, PA; (215)229-9415.