Loki TLD-68SH Tangle-Less landing net


The new TLD-68SH Tangle-Less landing net ($40) from Loki Nets is ideal for catch-and-release fishing. The special net features a super-strong mesh coating and a flat bottom that gives the bag stiffness and body, reducing the likelihood that a fish will get tangled in loose material. Additionally, the net's design makes it easier to lay fish flat for hook removal. The TLD-68SH has a 20" by 24" bow with a black finish that is less likely to spook fish, plus a knotless mesh with fewer snag points to damage scales, fins and the fish's slime coating. The 30" collapsible aluminum handle has a 1" diameter and slides into the bow for easy storage. Loki Nets, Knoxville, TN; (865) 687-7341; www.lokinets.com.