Kaenon Sunglasses


This new company offers a line of premium fishing sunglasses that feature lenses in a choice of 5 Light Transmission Levels (LTL) for varying conditions on the water. The LTL 12 lenses, the darkest, block out 88% of visible light; the LTL 28 blocks 72%; the LTL 35 blocks 65%; and the lightest, LTL 40 and 50, block 60% and 50%, ideal for low-light and hazy conditions. (Most sunglasses on the market have an LTL of 10 to 12). Available lens tints include copper, gray and yellow, and the high-tech frames are made of injection-molded TR-90 and have soft Variflex nose pads and temple tips that actually become tackier as you sweat. Models include the KORE (shown) and the KURB, with prices of $180 and $160, respectively. Kaenon, Newport Beach, CA; (949) 574-7918; www.kaenon.com.