Gladiator Saltwater Series Swimbait


The Gladiator Saltwater Series 7" swim bait is one well-made lure. It features a rugged, hard-plastic body and sturdy salt water hooks that will stand up to repeated abuse from hard-striking, sharp-toothed fish. The floating version features a hollow body, while the slow-sinking version has a series of internal ball bearings that produce a fish-attracting sound. In addition to its realistic paint job and large prismatic eyes, the Gladiator has a 3-section articulated body that mimics the swimming action of a live baitfish. The lipped lure can be cast or trolled at a variety of speeds, and the sinking version settles like a dead or wounded bait when the retrieve is stopped. ABT Lure Co., Oakhurst, CA; (877) ABT-LURE;