Get the LED Out

The new 1 Series of underwater lights from Aqualuma offers small-boat owners rugged, bright LED lighting. Also this month: Stren Microfuse, CW Crab lures, Red Pig Reels and Old Harbor Outfitters knives

Get the LED Out The new 1 Series of underwater lights from Aqualuma offers small-boat owners the same rugged, bright LED lighting used on large sportfishers and yachts. Intended for boats under 30 feet, the lights feature a rugged polycarbonate housing, which is safe for below-the-waterline installations. The unique through-hull design allows lights to be serviced while the boat remains in the water. They’re a perfect addition for nightfishing addicts or for hanging out at the dock on a summer evening. The single LED light in each unit draws .5 amps in a 12-volt system and .3 amps in a 24-volt setup. They are sold by the pair. Available in ultra blue, ultra green or white. Starting at $1,000.
Strong and Light

Apart from having professional-grade blades, Old Harbor Outfitters fishing tools boast a slew of other features essential to saltwater fishing, including  precision serrated edges,  comfort nonslip grips and oversize backbones.  The entire lineup of OHO Titanium Bonded knives is engineered with full-tang construction, which means the metal extends from the tip of the blade to the base of the handle.  This feature is an absolute necessity for competitive anglers, allowing them to manipulate the blade with ease and accuracy. Titanium Bonded knives currently offered by OHO include a fillet knife, bait knife, chop knife, chunking knife, boning knife and slicing knife. Starting at $9.99. | | Blue-Line Special

The latest addition to Stren’s extensive offering of braided superlines, “Stren Microfuse” is sure to be a hit with nighttime fishermen or daytime finesse specialists when line visibility is paramount. The company’s  team of fishing scientists developed new Microfuse in the same fluorescent, clear-blue that Stren mono users have depended on for decades. In daylight, the thermally-fused braided line glows a hi-vis fluorescent blue. In the dark, when night fishing under a black light, it glows a hi-vis neon blue. Both offer fishermen one of the most visible superlines available. The line is made with Stren’s proprietary Microfuse Dyneema fibers, offering impressive strength-to-diameter ratios. Available in 2- through 30-pound in 150-, 300- and 1,100-yard spools. From $18.99.| | ****| | Be the Crab

Anglers targeting striped bass, tarpon, redfish, permit, cobia and anything else that eats crabs might want to give the CW Crab from BTC Lures a try. The lipped, swimming plug is a highly detailed, realistic replica of a blue crab and features polyurethane swim fins and stainless-steel, through-wired hardware for maximum durability. It’s ideal for fishing moving water where predators might be targeting crabs floating on the tide. Both the suspending and sinking versions will sit on the bottom in the upright position of a live crab. Offered in floating, intermediate and sinking models, the lure lets anglers explore the water column. The CW Crab is available in three colors: light green, green-brown or natural blueclaw. $9.95; | | Red-Hot Reels


Upstart manufacturer Red Pig Reels is offering big-game anglers a new option in the 2-speed trolling reel category. The company’s 80W holds more than 1,000 yards of 130-pound braid, making it a perfect choice for daytime swordfishing or targeting giant bluefin tuna. Each reel is machined from solid barstock aluminum and features a multitple anti-reverse mechanism, stainless-steel gears and shaft, and eight sealed ball bearings. They also feature a one-touch, 2-speed shift and release as well as apreset drag knob. In addition to the 80W, Red Pig offers reels in 15W, 20W, 30W and 50W sizes to cover the whole gamut of offshore situations. Available in gold or silver finish. $299-$499;|


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