G. Loomis Pelagic Series


The new Pelagic series rods from Loomis are aimed squarely at the hard-core long-range angler. The eight Pelagic models feature blanks made from a blend of graphite and fiberglass, making them light, sensitive, powerful and extremely durable. The Pelagic line-up includes a 7', 15-25 lb. rod (ideal for fishing plastics and live bait); an 8', 15-25 lb. rod (for flylining baits and casting light iron jigs); a 7 1/2', 20-30 lb. rod (leadheads and medium offshore species); a 7', 25-40 lb. rod (flylining baits to medium tuna); a 7', 30-50 lb. rod (casting larger baits and yo-yoing deep jigs); a 6 1/2', 40-60 lb. rod (heavy irons, wahoo bombs, and larger live baits); a 6 1/2', 50-80 lb. rod and a 6', 80-100 lb. rod. The latter two rods feature AFTCO guides. Prices range from $200-400. G. Loomis, Woodinville, WA; (800) 662-8818; www.gloomis.com