Flea and Clear


Chances are that most SWS readers haven't heard about the spiny water flea, a pernicious creature that is wreaking havoc among Great Lakes trollers. Water fleas quickly attach themselves to fishing line by the thousands, creating excess drag that makes it nearly impossible to troll. To foil the tiny beasts, Cortland has developed a new line called the Flea Flicker, which boasts a super-slick finish and a teardrop-shaped profile. While salt water anglers have nothing to fear from the water flea, they can benefit from the line's tracking ability and reduced drag, which make it ideal for both standard trolling and downrigger applications. Mist-blue Flea-Flicker line is available in 20 and 30 lb. test. Suggested retail price for a 300 yrd. spool is $10. Cortland Line Co., Cortland, NY; (607) 756-2851.