Renzetti Rod Tubes

Protect your flyrod in style...

Rod tubes serve a simple purpose - to protect our rods. Most of us don't travel with them because they are clunky and impractical so they function only as storage devices. Renzetti, though, has introduced a new line of stylish leather rod tubes that you'll want to take with you wherever you go.

The new series is designed not only to protect your rod, but also to look good doing it. Top-quality leather and accent materials add a touch of elegance and ensure that the cases last a lifetime. The interiors are lined and wrapped to keep the rod safe inside. Each case includes a matching leather shoulder strap and measures 35 inches with a 1 3/4-inch inside diameter. Renzetti offers three different styles: the Safari Series, which features a diamondback rattlesnake skin inlay; the Western Series, which is a classic leather tube available in three colors; and the Adventure Series, with a maroon canvas inlay. The tubes cost $150 to $350.

For more information, write to Renzetti Inc, 8800 Grissom Pkwy., Titusville, FL 32780; call 321-267-7705; or visit