Redington CPS Series Fly Rods

Precision and backbone combined...

Let's face it: Fly-fishermen are gear junkies, and there's not much we like more than new stuff. So no rod company is ready for the new season without an entirely fresh lineup. Redington agrees; that's why it introduced the new Core Performance Series (CPS) of fly rods for 2005.

The CPS series offers the finest-quality rods Redington has ever made. The company didn't just improve an existing rod, it created a totally new taper and design. An extra-fast action allows greater precision when casting long lines and more backbone for fighting big fish. The CPS comes in four-piece models for easier travel, and includes a tube and the company's unconditional lifetime warranty.

Currently the CPS series offers rods up to 12-weights, and the eight saltwater models (7- to 12-weight) range from 9- to 10-footers, with a 9-foot-6-inch version of the 8-weight and 10-foot versions of the 7- and 8-weights. The saltwater models weigh between 3.5 and 4 ounces and retail for $249.

For more information, write to Redington at 12715 Miller Rd. N.E., #101, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110; call 800-253-2538; or visit