Nautilus FWX

The FWX incorporates a new stainless-steel one-way clutch...


Thanks to the Giga arbor spool design, the new FWX from Nautilus weighs almost half an ounce less than its predecessor, the FW. This design allows anglers to pick up line much faster and is vented to let backing dry quicker. The FWX also incorporates a new stainless-steel one-way clutch that's housed in Nautilus' proprietary TORQ-X clutch drive, which lets the drag engage instantly. Another new addition is the LaserID line-identification system. Just use a permanent marker on the laser-etched white spot on the back of the spool to indicate line type and weight. When you want to switch lines, simply use alcohol to wipe off the writing. Available in 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8 sizes. MSRP is $280.