Marlin Magic Concave Striker Series

Ultimate rough-water and high-speed performance.



While you can't argue the success of pulling dead baits, the rigging time and speed restrictions don't always match your quarry or skill set. Lures tend to even the playing field in terms of rigging, and you can pull them much faster to cover ground when the bites are few and far between. The recently introduced Concave Striker series from Marlin Magic Lures offers ultimate rough-water and high-speed performance for anglers targeting all game-fish species.

Built for fishermen who venture offshore in less-than-favorable conditions, the Concave series combines a lead-filled and jetted insert with a cupped face. This allows the lures to track straight and stay in the water in a wide variety of conditions and speeds. You can target wahoo at 16 knots or blue marlin in snotty 6-foot seas, and these killers will stay in the water at any position in the pattern. Available rigged and skirted in more than 60 color combinations.

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