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Fin-Nor Reels set the standard for big-game reels in our sport's earliest days...

Fin-Nor Reels set the standard for big-game reels in our sport’s earliest days. If you were chasing giant bluefin or black marlin during the 1950s, odds are you were using a Fin-Nor. Now, 72 years and 204 IGFA records later, W.C. Bradley Corporation, owner of fishing brands such as Van Staal and Quantum PT, stepped in and purchased Fin-Nor in 2005. The company’s first offerings will be spinning rods and reels, but they plan on expanding into conventional big-game reels down the line. Until then, you’ll find that the company’s Ahab Offshore line of spinners emulates the high quality you expect from the Fin-Nor name.

Built like tanks, Ahab Offshore spinners boast strong aluminum bodies, rotors and side plates, as well as machined, stainless-steel drive gears, pinions and center shafts. Fin-Nor adds four double-shielded, stainless-steel ball bearings and an oversize multi-stack drag system for unparalleled smoothness. A 4.4:1 gear ratio offers plenty of cranking speed for jigging or smoking swimming plugs through the water.

The reels come in four models: the OFS65, OFS75, OFS85 and OFS95. Fin-Nor claims that the OFS95 offers the largest braided-line capacity of any reel on the market, holding more than 600 yards of 100-pound braid.


For more information, contact Fin-Nor at 800-588-9030 or visit


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